High quality has always been the hallmark of Veredus. They have approached the manufacture of their products with typical passion. Combining the very latest technology with innovative raw materials and attention to detail to produce products which are respected and used by champions such as Rodrigo Pessoa.

Since the 1990’s Veredus have been developing their Horse Boots line, passionately committed to a complete and innovative line of sport horse protection – supported by advanced technology, leading-edge raw materials and attention to detail.

Their latest success was born in 2009 with the rider’s footwear division: Guarnieri, the boot that was successfully launched after a careful research and development stage that lasted more than 2 years.

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Veredus Carbon Gel Data Sheet

Veredus Guarnieri Data Sheet

Veredus Magnetic Rug Data Sheet

Veredus Magnetik Boot Data Sheet

Veredus Piaffe Evo Data Sheet