Caring for onlder Horses

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Caring for onlder Horses

It’s a sad fact of life that we all get older and slower, and have extra needs as we age. Horses are no different!

As is the case with humans, some horses age better than others and experience problems at different stages of their life. Horses that have been subject to hard exercise (such as race horses) may require extra care and encounter additional problems with their limbs, joints etc.

Generally horses over the age of 20 years are considered to be seniors or older horses & require extra care and those over 30 years are will need to be nurtured along with additional care provided.

If your horse is approaching its senior years, you will need to be particularly mindful of the colder months.  A cold horse will be more likely to lose weight and if your horse is older it may find it difficult to move around enough to keep warm.  A suitable rug will help to keep your horse warm and dry.

You will also need to consider your horse’s diet. As horses age so do their teeth and your horse will require regular dental care.  You will also need to consider changing to a feed that is specifically designed for older horses.  This is to provide them with a soft palatable feed that they are able to chew & digest, as well as addressing any additional supplements they may require.

If your horse is becoming stiff and finds moving around uncomfortable, you could consider one of the many joint supplements available to provide extra support.

As your horse ages, you will need to consult more with your veterinarian to ensure your horse lives out his retirement years in the comfort he deserves.

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